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Kiva Scratch Off Map

Display your Kiva Loans and Loan Recipients on your Scratch Off Map!

Scratch Off Map for Kiva Loans

List the Kiva countries you haven’t supported yet.

Kiva World Scratch Map Poster

A conversation starter. Teach your kids altruism and love of people all over the world.

Spark excitement for altruism, entrepreneurship and geography at the same time with the Gulliver Gear Kiva Challenge!

Kiva.org is a non-profit organization that facilitates micro loans to entrepreneurs with the purpose of ending poverty.

Visit Kiva.org. Complete the challenge by making a $25 Kiva loan to entrepreneurs in all of the countries in which Kiva currently operates. Your Kiva.org profile page will show the number of countries you’ve made loans in, and how many countries they serve.

Send us a copy using the form below of your Kiva Profile Page showing you’ve made loans to all of the countries served by Kiva, along with a picture of your Gulliver Gear Scratch Off World Map, and Gulliver Gear will send you new Scratch Off World Map, free of charge, to start your next Kiva Challenge!