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How Will You Use Your Map?


Here’s how others use their Gulliver Gear World Map:

Intrepid Traveler, Christiane Marie, uses the Gulliver Gear World Map to document her years of travel adventures to share her excitement about the world in her young daughter.  The Travel Log box is for their wishlist: “Bike the Kate Trail”, “Spanish in Cuba”, “Walk the Camino de Compostela” and “Christmas in Chile”.

Parent Pilots Sarah and John are long haul commercial pilots.  Their two daughters, Maya and Samantha scratch off where their parents are flying.  The girls write where they want to go on family vacations in the Travel Log box:  Disneyland Paris, of course!

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Pedicab King, Steve Meyer, owner of Main Street Pedicabs has a Gulliver Gear World Scratch Map in his factory to display all the countries pedaling their pedicabs…29 countries down, 167 to go!

Publisher Rich Siegel owns Hospitality Upgrade magazine.  He uses the Gulliver Gear World Map to colorfully display all the countries that subscribe to his magazine.   He uses the Travel Log box to write the advertising sales goals down for the next issue!   At 110 countries, Rich currently holds the Gulliver Gear record for the “Most scratched off countries”!

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Theatre Enthusiasts and world travelers, the Sellery family scratch off countries where they’ve seen shows and attach the ticket stubs in the Travel Log box…very cool.

Meeting/Party Planner Kate Pfiser uses the map as an ice-breaker and has guests scratch off the country in which they had their most memorable vacation.  The Travel Log box is used once the correct person is matched to the correct vacation.

What will you do with your map?


Whether you show where you’ve been, or where you’ll go, the Gulliver Gear World Map is for you. It makes a great gift.

Your purchase is risk free! You’re protected by the Gulliver Gear lifetime, no hassle, money back guarantee. We know you’ll love your map. If you aren’t thrilled, just send it back anytime and we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked.

Ready for your map, Adventurer?

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